I am a 47 year old adoptee from Massachusetts who was able to get her OBC when the legislation was changed. I didnt find out until i was updating my info on an old registry that had switched over when AOL hometown closed.
This blog is about my experiences of reunion as it goes on.. rather boring but its a way for me to reflect on whats going on in my life as i live it.
I want to thank other bloggers for their experiences as i read thru them for support and encouragement living and breathing adoption issues.

I was surrendered at birth and placed in foster care until october of the same year. I was adopted formally in the following year.
I had always dreamed of finding my birth mother. My mother had assisted me in writing to the agency in my teens to update my files with my information should my birth mother contact them. The laws prevented me from obtaining identifying information till march of 2009 when i finally received my OBC and wrote my first contact letter. The first letter was a form letter from online and was not successful, 3 weeks after sending i wrote another letter which C responded to in email on receipt. We correspond daily.
i am very much like my birthmother in many ways and we think alike, even in the ways we write .. its an amazing experience even if there are times when it is not understandable and there is pain. Its a road to travel and learn by.
Hopefully, my story may help some one else going down the same trail.


One Response to “About Me and my adoption.”

  1. Lisa Fontaine Says:

    hi, I too am adopted. I’m 41 and live in Canada. I’ve stuggled with my adoption my entire life and 11 years ago recieved info on my biological parents. I wish I could say it had a positive ending but trueth of the matter is that it almost destroyed me. My birth mother does not want any contact and the little contact I’ve had with my birth father, well it’s just little. I’ve done research from time to time on issue’s that adoptee’s have. I’m a classic case. All the feelings that they mention, the sence of loss, grief, low self esteme. Sorry I can’t spell worth a shit. On top of all that, my curriosity regarding my adoption caused alot of tension with my adopted family. They didn’t understand and didn’t want to hear about it. Funny thing is that earlier this year, my brother found his birth mother and brother. Just out of the blue. He never had an interest and yet his experience has turned into a “Hallmark” momment. He calls her “mom”. Our adopted mother died 20 years ago. It’s all to weird. Sorry I seem to have written a book, but I just wanted to let you know your not alone.

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